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Apartment plants

Clivia - Clivia miniata

Generalities The Clivie are herbaceous plants native to southern Africa, they belong to the same family as the amaryllis; they produce a large fleshy rhizome, which tends to widen very much; tufts of large arched, ribbon-like, fairly leathery, dark green tufts develop directly from the rhizome.
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Fruit and vegetables


Question: watermelon I bought a watermelon seedling and planted in the vegetable garden. since the plant does not stand up on its own I wanted to know if I have to put them near a support (stick) to keep it straight or (and for courgettes) I have to leave it resting on the ground thanks Answer: watermelon Dear Alberto, the watermelon (also called watermelon or water melon) is a cucurbitacea, which has a development very similar to that of melons, it is a creeping herbaceous plant, which also has tendrils along the thin and fickle stem; it is cultivated leaving it quietly on the ground, also because if it finds something to climb, the development of the fruits would forcefully drag the stem to the ground.
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Question: orchids Hi, I follow your address book and ask for help regarding my phaelenopsis orchid. I have recently placed it inside the window and it has made two long stems full of buds. bloom.What should I do?
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Bonsai elm that is drying me out

Question: bonsai elm that is drying me out Hello I am Giorgio and I would like help if possible, I have a bonsai elm that is drying out, it has lost all the leaves and the branches seem dry to me, which I can do. Answer: bonsai elm that is drying me out Dear Giorgio, in order to help you, it is important to understand what happened to your elm, which is losing its leaves and is deteriorating quickly, so as to adjust the cultivation care and allow the piata to recover; in addition to this, it is good to understand what elm it is.
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Araucaria malata

Question: Araucaria disease I need help to save my 20 year old araucaria who got sick dramatically. Thank you. Guido Araucaria malata: Answer: araucaria disease Dear Guido, the araucarias are trees native to South America, Australia and New Zealand, where most of the species live on the highlands; these are particular trees, very similar to conifers.
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How to water Petunia requires large quantities of water. This plant is able to survive only a few hours in the presence of drought conditions and tends to wither rapidly if it is not watered properly. To water the petunia in the best way, it is possible to proceed once every 2 or 3 days.
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