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You don't need to be a design expert to create a green space capable of reflecting our personality, a comfortable, welcoming environment, to be lived day by day.

Even on the outside the right furnishing accessories can enhance the space: tables, sofas and chairs are available in infinite varieties of colors, shapes and patterns. Traditional, modern or innovative designs will have a significant aesthetic and visual impact on our green space, making your stay in the open air even more pleasant.

There is nothing more relaxing than a small green oasis set up with our own hands. But to make our garden elegant and pleasant, it is not necessary to spend large amounts of money since it is easy to find good quality objects at affordable prices on the market.

Among the fundamental elements for our living room, outdoor chairs cannot be missing. The models are various, simple, functional but above all practical. From plastic chairs to wrought iron ones, from folding ones to the most elegant ones decorated with colored or designer cushions.

What if the budget is small? do not worry, just use the used or the numerous offers and sales available in the stores. The internet is also one of the most used channels when it comes to doing business and outdoor furnishing accessories are no exception. Whether you are looking for savings or looking for products with specific characteristics, the great sea of ​​the network will always be just a click away.


Let's now discover the most popular materials in the creation of outdoor furnishing accessories.

Among the most popular garden chairs are undoubtedly the iron ones, capable of capturing the eye and giving a touch of elegance to any green oasis. Resistant and well known, the iron garden chairs are produced in different models and styles, thanks to extremely detailed processing techniques.

It is possible to keep the chairs in their natural color, but nothing prevents you from daring and freeing the creative side of each of us. It will be interesting to experiment with models with a strong character or colors capable of detaching from the environment, giving a lively touch of personality.

Iron has undoubted advantages when it is used for the creation of outdoor furnishing accessories. It is in fact an extremely resistant material, capable of withstanding any temperature change without being deformed. The heaviness of the material makes it suitable for the positioning of fixed furnishings, but many chairs have more delicate and light structures, easy to move.

Rust is the only enemy of iron chairs, although outdoor chairs are often treated with specific products capable of preserving the material. The removal of rust is essential to preserve the original beauty of our chairs over time, perhaps applying an additional layer of protective varnish to avoid structural damage.

Wrought iron is also very widespread, especially when it comes to the most sought after outdoor chairs and accessories. This material allows to obtain highly worked chairs, rich in precision details, also requested by the customer so that the table and chairs merge into a single design. Resistant and solid, the remarkable aesthetic result should not be forgotten, although the costs are higher than the classic models in iron or plastic.

Despite its apparent simplicity, wood is also very popular for the construction of chairs capable of harmonizing perfectly with the surrounding environment. Wood offers advantageous properties, being a perfect natural material to be combined with furnishing accessories made of other materials. The resulting effect will be decidedly lively and varied.

Wooden chairs can be purchased unpainted, with clearly visible veins for a delightful country effect. Alternatively, it will be possible to purchase already painted ones or to decorate them with colors or patterns that create interesting detachments with the surrounding space.

There are many models and styles available on the market and they adapt to any need, from the most rustic to design models. Depending on the processing and the wood used, your chairs will have a different chrome finish.

And the advantages? also for the wooden chairs the advantages are innumerable and do not stop at the merely aesthetic side. The wood is in fact a solid material, resistant to impacts and atmospheric agents, it can be cleaned very easily and is therefore perfect for being placed in an open space. However, attention should be paid to the excessive humidity that could deform the chairs. It must be said, however, that many companies offer their items for sale only after having treated them with paints whose purpose is to protect them. From time to time it will therefore be advisable to repeat the treatment to keep our chairs as they were originally.

Finally, even plastic chairs can contribute to furnish spaces dedicated to relaxation, with little effort and a limited expense. Able to combine simplicity and practicality, these chairs have different characteristics and adapt perfectly to any space. The most common colors are undoubtedly white and green, shades that harmonize and fit nicely into the environment.

Plastic lends itself to sophisticated and design interventions, becoming the protagonist of our green oasis.

Also in this case the advantages of plastic chairs are innumerable: light, easy to transport, simple to shape and able to withstand exposure to bad weather very well. The models are cheap and the colors are unlimited.

Finally, let's not forget that folding models in any material are available on the market. Their purchase is particularly suitable for anyone looking for a functional and practical product, simple to store after use and capable of occupying a minimum space.